Monday, April 29, 2013


LOL It's been 2 years since I've posted on this blog. hahaha Shame on me ! and shame on you for not riding my butt about it ! 

We have loved our second tour in Kodiak, Alaska. The new friends I've made here I'm going to miss so very much ! Yes we are moving AGAIN lol. 
This time the detailer said it's time to move out of Alaska! After 11 years here we feel like it's home. 
We are heading to Astoria, Oregon on June 2nd. Will take a little mini vaca through out AK getting there.
I can't wait to meet new friends and see some old one's there as well ! With the military it's never goodbye it's until we see each other again !
We have already found a home to live in it will be waiting on us when he get there. The couple we are renting from are also CG and are actually heading this way to Kodiak! I'm a bit overwhelmed with the thoughts of living somewhere with traffic and traffic lights and decent doctors Etc ! It will definitely be an adjustment.

I'll try to update as we travel South. It will depend greatly on wifi lol 

Talk to yall again soon !

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our MOVERS experience.... grrrrrr

In 22 years of moving with the Coast Guard. We have not ever had problems with the moving companies. When scheduling the movers for this move I couldn't remember who we normally used in Alaska so we chose to be assigned one. MISTAKE !
We got AAA Movers (aka ALLIED in the lower 48). They showed up the first day ready to get to work. The "supervisor" on the site talked and talked and talked. All about what items he gets from rich people on the island when he moves them yada yada. I saw more carpenters crack from this guy then I ever wanted.
We had 4 guys. T (supervisor),N ( Been with co. for years), Z ( new kid on he block) and D ( this guy was a hard worker !). After Lunch came and went I ask N not to pack the pantry boxes to heavy that I was possibly going to be the one unloading and moving boxes at our destination. He agreed. T jumps in an gives me attitude about how that what they have dollies for blah blah blah. I say well the dollies won't be there when I'm unpacking will they? Needless to say N followed my wishes. T then leaves the house for about an hour to get more "supplies".
By the end of the day I came to the conclusion that T had a big head cause he was "in charge". Sorry buddy I'M IN CHARGE your working for me.
T ask Scott if they could come at 8 Am the next day and he agreed.

DAY 2... ONE worker shows at 8 AM this would be D and he went right to work.
I left the house at 9 am to meet some friends and the rest of the crew still had not shown.
When I returned at 10 am T was there and him and another guy were on break ???!!!! You just got here !
UUggg later the 40 foot container shows and they start loading the boxes that they have packed.
D suggested that they load the furniture before loading the shed items. T got irate started spouting off and plainly said D isn't running things here I am blah blah blah. I'm sorry but how professional was this ? T left the house 2 times this day to get "more supplies" ! Both times gone more than an hour.

DAY 3 All show on time not much talking going on with T. Things seem to be moving smoothly. T leaves for "more supplies" ( is this man this disorganized?"). T tells Scott that they will need to repack the container and he would need to meet them at the site the next day since we are using our own locks on the trailer ( they instructed us to). A little later he leaves for supplies again so they can finish up. He comes back and has NO SUPPLIES and then says he has to leave cause he has a pre pack out inspection to do and he was late (3PM). Tells the crew that "I'm out of inventory stickers and boxes work with what you have and what doesn't get done just load it on the container and we will pack and inventory it when we repack." UM DIDN'T YOU JUST LEAVE TO GET MORE SUPPLIES!? . At this point I'm fuming. I left the house for about 40 minutes. When I returned the crew was heading out. Scott tells me that they put the LAWN MOWER on top OF MY COUCH ! WHAT ???!!! I ask him to get in the truck and remove it !
On Friday Scott meets them at the site and is informed that the 40 ft container is to large for the barge company so they need to repack in two 20 ft containers. UUGGGG ! Oh and T conveiently called in sick. hahaha
This was a different crew one of the guys was from the original crew.
Scott spends most of the day there supervising. The job at the house was so bad that when this crew opened the 40ft container they even took pictures!

YAY WE ARE IN KODIAK !!!! home sweet home !
We have a place with only a 2 day wait ! Our stuff shows up on Tuesday for delivery. Truck pulls up and everything is in CRATES ! WHAT ???!!! Are you sure this is our stuff ? Yes mam the guy says we had to pack it in crates when it got here. WHAT YOU CUT OFF MY $40.00 LOCKS unloaded our things without us present guns and all !??? I called the local office. Supposedly they had to do that because when they have container for a certain amount of time they have to pay rent on it.( SO WHAT at least wait out the time limit!). I question.. "and you do this without first consulting the customer ?" and ask for my money back on the lock I had to buy that THEY TOLD ME I NEEDED.
So unloading is going great and fast. Noon comes around and they are on last crate. Scott and I both realize we have things missing Couch, treadmill, ect. Most high dollar items. They call the warehouse and have found another crate. GREAT ! well this crate only had the couch and a few other boxes. Well guys sorry we are still missing items. Back to the drawing board. They make a call again. WALA yet another crate is found.
I suggested to the guy that we go through the manifest again and check that every item is accounted for. especially the high value items. Soooo for 2 hours we go through everything.

Now that we have set up the house. We are still missing a few small things. But I'm not sweating it. But for the first time in 22 years we are filing a claim. my dresser is broke and a few other things are missing and broken.

I don't imagine you need me to tell you to NOT USE AAA MOVERS IN THE STATE OF ALASKA !

If you made it through this whole thing YOUR AMAZING ! I'm sure I left a few things out.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Go to the bottom left and watch the video !

Friday, July 1, 2011

3 More Days !

Well we packed out the house almost a month ago ! We are living in a hotel room right now. Board the ferry on July 4th. I can't wait to get to our new home. Scott is officially a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO2). I'm so proud of him. I hate leaving Sitka I've made some great friends here. But it's a small Coast guard so I'm sure we will all meet up again. Once we are all retired we should meet up in Hawaii or some place for a huge reunion !
Rowdy and Emma are handling the transition we so far. But not looking forward to the road trip. Rowdy gets VERY whiny when we ride. So he will be locked in his kennel and covered the whole time. Emma is a dream she will just sleep through it lol.
I'll let you know when we get there ! and hopefully have some great pics to share.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Man I'm a slacker ! Way to much going on to think about updating a blog.
And I'm so behind on my Cooking Blog too.
We got orders ! Moving in July. I can hardly wait! I've started getting rid of things and making all my to do list lol.
Started Online schooling about 6 weeks ago. Medical Terminology is what I'm talking now. Not sure where I'll go after that. Either Medical Front Office Assistant (office manager) or billing and Coding OR if they have it available by August I'm going to go with Pharmacy Tech. I love a challenge SOMETIMES. lol
Scott will be making CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER on June 1! He is number 1 on the list for advancement. I'm so very proud of him.
Gonna miss all my friends here in Sitka but I'm glad to be going to some OLD FRIENDS.
Well that's about it in a nut shell. I'll post again after the move or maybe during the move!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's that time of year !

Snowed most the way down the mountains last night ! Can't wait for it to snow ground level.
I so want a white Christmas this year since it could be our last in Alaska.
I'd also like to hear that Scott heard from the detailer and we have orders ! This waiting drives me batty. I hate the unknown.
We are having a big thanksgiving. 3 other couples coming to our place. 2 turkey's and a ham and all the fixins plus more ! lol After we have dinner here Scott and I have been invited to join another family later in the day. So excited ! Makes it easier being away from home with you have lots of friends to share the holiday's with. I've finished all the Christmas shopping except for stocking stuffers and 2 family members. I've even gotten all Scott's things that man is SPOILED ROTTEN I tell ya.
We just celebrated out 19 year wedding anniversary. And I can tell you I'd do it all over again.
We also celebrated his 21st year in the CG ! So we have been together 21 years but married 19. How awesome is that ! I sure hope our marriage is a testament to others.
Lots of divorces going on in the CG. It's like every time I turn around a couple is splitting up.
I have completed all of my 2010 resolutions ! That's the first time ever!
So glad to have Aunts and uncles from my dad's side in my life after so many missed years.
My Aunt Lori and Uncle Bobby are just the best. I missed a lot !
Well I'm rambling on ! I'll TRY to remember to take pics and post them of thanksgiving !

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catching Up

HOWDY ! Been a few months. Scott had knee surgery on his Right knee back in June. Healing part of it didn't go as well as the last knee but they did do a little more to this one. He just went back to full sea duty last Tuesday! YIPPY!! I'm happy he's back at sea and he's happy he can finally do some work. We did enjoy our time together though. Took a short trip over to Juneau to stock up on bulk items I got to be the driver. FUN FUN going 55 MPH all the time. I'm so not used to that!
Still waiting to hear where we will be moving 2011. I have my heart set on Kodiak but I need to get over that. This could be the one time in his career where it doesn't work out for us. Sometimes advancing doesn't have it's advantages lol.

I have been busy doing a lot of knitting. SO MANY BABIES !
I'm going to study (self study) drawing what I see and taking my hand at painting. I have so much of my momma in me when it comes to art.
Have made lots of new friends with all the new families moving here this summer. I must say I'm truly blessed with a great bunch of friends.
Emma had some allergy testing done ($$) and she is allergic to
EVERYTHING! we started giving her allergy shots every 3 days for a month them every 4 days and now we are on every 7 until we get to once a month.It seems to be helping. She has a break out a few days after the shot then it clears up. Her eating has gotten better and she plays with Rowdy much more.
ROWDY oh BOY lol. He's the same ole spoiled rotten stinker.
FALL IS HERE and I think I'm ready for it. I have a feeling though we are going to have a crazy snowy winter. We will see.

OH before Scott went back to work Doc ORDERED him(she wanted to see how his knee would react) to get in a boat and go fishing! we are set for winter woo hoo here are a few pics.

For some reason I don't have the Halibut and Cod pics but he got some of that too !
TA TA I'll try to update more lol

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So Proud of my Mooneyman !

We got word a week ago that Scott will be making CWO2. For those who don't know what the heck that is lol. He's promoting to Warrant Officer on June 1 2011. Not only that but he is NUMBER 1 on the advancement list. This is a huge step in his career. The sad part of it is we no longer get to give our choices of where he would like to go. They pretty much call him and say your going to *******. Oh well we can do it !
Only 9 more years of moving around. That's about 2 to 3 more jobs. Then retirement and buying our very first home. So much to look forward to.
I'm just so proud of him. Always have been. I make sure I tell him that at least once a week lol.

Making a 3 day trip to Juneau next month. More so to stock up on things from Costco ( like a sams club) but I"d like to try to make time to go to the glacier while we are there.

Not much else going on. Saying goodbye to lots of great people who reached their time to transfer out. One family I'll miss greatly but I have hopes that we will be sent back to Kodiak Alaska when we move next year to meet up with them again.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home again home again giga de gig

HAWAII was unbelievable ! I can't wait to go back! Although it was hot (80's) and a bit humid and bad on my hair lol I loved it ! I've never seen such blue waters. I am totally taken but the trees there. So many of them and they are all so beautiful! The Turtle Bay Resort was fantastic and the staff was simply wonderful. We pretty much stayed on the North Shore not venturing out to Honolulu or Waikiki. We had everything we needed or could want at the North Shore.
The fruit was amazing ! After being in Alaska for 8 years you forget what good fruit taste like.
Oh and Dole Plantation is a must for anyone who visit Hawaii. We both loved the pineapple ice cream. They really should market that stuff lol. And who knew there are like 7 or 8 different kinds of pineapple !
I got a slight tan on my chest and arms and Scott ended up with sun poisoning on his legs. Bet he uses sun screen next time when I say to lol.

So now we are back to the grind of things in Alaska and Scott back to sea. i sure am missing the sun!
Here are a few pictures.

Scott & I at the water fall Scott @ Pool Scott @ Turtle Beach

Our Room View Fun in the Sun

AND THE GREATEST VIDEO lol I saw this coming so I started recording. As the waves came in there was an air pocket in the center of the rock that blew..... WATCH

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh the STRESS ! 2 days to Hawaii !

Well if Scott ever makes it home we just MIGHT make it to Hawaii .
That's all I'm saying. *bites tongue*