Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Happy 2010 everyone. Hope your all blessed all year long. 2009 was a very calm year for Scott and I and we are hoping 2010 will be the same. We have little plans for the year.
Scott will be submitting a package to make Warrant Officer
should know in about a year if he makes it.
We are planning a early 20 yr. anniversary get away to HAWAII! Girlfriends that live there don't be angry if we don't contact you this is a vacation for the 2 of us. We've never had a real vacation just the 2 of us.
Lynn, Greg and Amelia are planning on coming to Alaska for a visit in July I'm so Excited ! Hopefully Mom and Mick mahe it up here too and Momma and Daddy.
I'd also love to make a trip back to the East coast to see family.
Other than those 4 items nothing very
BIG going on for us in 2010 so far.....

I want to thank all of our family and friends for being lights of encourageme
nt, hope and faith for us the past year and to thank you for always keeping us in your prayers.
Here are a few pictures of the past year.