Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Official

Well it's official as of today i'm no longer employed. Woo hooo

Now I have to keep myself busy for the next 2 months before we move then get busy again once we get to Sitka.

My employers gave me a GREAT wall chiming clock that I've loved since I saw it. I was totally shocked when Iopened the box. It's by far the best parting gift I've ever gotten from a job.

Well and the one my job in Kodiak gave me. They gave be a beautiful Russian Doll.

Guess I'll have to get up and cook Scott breakfast in the mornings and see him off.

NOT ! hahaha

I have a picture of the clock it still has the peanuts in the glass and thr pendulum isn't attached but you get the idea.

Have a great weekend !

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well Well Well

Isn't this funny. I had forgotten I even et this thing up. Let see in almost a YEAR ! We have endured another snowy wintr in Alaska. As of today it's still snowing but not sticking.
I wonder if it will ever end.

We got orders to SITKA back in January. We are so excited. No telling what will happen after this tour. Scott is going to take the Senoir Chief service wide exam and that mean if he makes the cut out chanced of remaiining in Alaska will be NONE. Well unless by some mirical the ANY CHIEF job would happen to come open in Kodiak. It's a desk job but it would keep up in AK and in the city we've talked so much about retireing in.
It would also be about a 700.00 a month pay cut cause he would lose sea pay.

Who know where God want's us. We just sit back and pray and hope and where ever he says go we go.

Friday is my last day of work and then I start cleaning things and getting ready for the movers.
They come the second week of June. This will be the first time Scott and I are cleaning out ourselves so I'm going to take ALOT of time doing it.
Well hopefully I won't forget I have this spot again . lol

Much Love