Sunday, September 14, 2008

The rain ! Stop the rain !

Kid you not since January 1 Sitka has had 20 days of sun. The rest have been rain and overcast. Now this info is coming from one of the music directors at one of the local Churches. Even Scott has been complaining about the rain. And that is not normal.

Since we last posted I've started sewing. Small things but I'm sewing with a machine that actually works. There is a coastie family going through a tuff time. Their litte Hadley has been battling a brain Tumor for 4 years now and well it's almost time for her to meet Jesus.
Some Coastie wives are doing quilt squares to have a quilt made for Mom and Dad and one for each of Miss Hadley's brothers. It was my most challenging task at sewing so far but I'm very proud of it.

If you'd like to meet Miss Hadley you can read about her here.

Here is the Quilt Square.

Since the picture was taken I have written a Scripture Passage at the bottom Psalm 18:2.

Now I will start on Christmas projects! Prayers that what Scott and I are working on turns out.
Stall haven't decided on a Church but have been to one more than others. They even spoke to me about possibly doing secretarial work one or two days a week there. But haven't said definite.
I guess it will be a good thing. I can at least get out of the house for a few hours.
I'm also looking at MAYBE going to work for the local vet as a receptionist/Vet Assistant.Nothing written in stone yet but I'm happy either way.

Scott is heading out with a buddy in the morning for a day of Hunting. We have no red meat to get us through the winter and you know I"m not buying it lol.

Love to all !