Friday, November 13, 2009

SNOW ! and we've been married 18 years !

I thought it would never come but just as I predicted it snowed this second week of November and it stuck. Then of course the rain came and took it all away lol. I've had my fill ,it can stay gone till next November. lol
Scott reached his 20 year mark with the Coast Guard today ! Woo hooo. I can't believe we've been together 20 years! I practically watched him grow up! Tomarrow the 14th is our 18 year wedding anniversay! I am so blessed to have found him ! I'd ask him how he feels but once again duty calls and has taken him away on our special day. But no worries we have plans for a nice dinner out when he gets home.

I've finally finished my crafts for the Christmas Bazzar on the 28th. I made Coffee cup sleeves and those cute braided barrettes we 80's gals made and wore.
I have 2 friends sharing the table with me. One makes handbags including the one's made form old ODU uniforms ! and Kim makes the cutiest hairclips. Here is a link to her ETSY site.
I also have some of Aunt Lori's things to sell she to has some super cute things! i've already sold some! here is her link.
Scott's done some duck hunting and some deer hunting and came home each time with meat for the freezer ! I must say we are truely blesse with a full to the brim freezer with fish and wild game. Wish you could hunt wild chickens then we woiuldn't have to buy that either lol

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just arund the corner. We have big plans for Christmas. Lots of cooking and friends houses. Sure makes being away from home a little eaiser. Wanna here something disturbing ?? I HAVE FINISHED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ! hahahhahaha well except what i'm getting Scott.

Well that's about all I have to say now lol

here are some pics of my sewing and barrettes.