Saturday, May 17, 2008


Finally I finished the Baby blanket I was working on, and i finished my first pair of socks.
However one sock is to bbig and one to small lol I'm going to try again.
I'm now working on a sweater for Rowdy He loves sweaters. I've also sewed me a new rice pack.
You know those things you put in the microwave and heat up. I back adores them!
Speaking of my back it's still pretty painful. Going on 6 months now. The doc here keeps yelling me to take muscle relaxers and blows me off. So i'll wait till we get to Sitka and see a doc there.

Scott has been busy flying back and forth to schools in VA. between today and June 14 I will see him one time ! And that will be for 2 days. Well that's about it. The weather has been so so. some sunny days but more rainy days. yesterday it actually reached 61 !!

Well here is a pic of the blanket and one of the socks lol