Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOL I Amaze myself lol

So I was talking with a girl friend about events that have been going on in my life and I said to her "In the midst of so much sadness there is always much joy." How profound does that sound ! ? lol
So I got to explaining myself to another girl friend and thought I just needed to share with everyone examples of what I mean. So here goes.

At my Dad's sudden passing although we didn't really know who he was as a person and it hurt very much it brought the joy of my sister and I back in contact with that side of our family. And I learned not to let things go unsaid.

With Pop Pop's passing I got to speak to him just days before he went and was able to tell him I love him. And with his passing the
joy of knowing that although he's not with us he's gone to be with the Lord and those family members who passed before him.

Then there is this great unselfish couple who with great sadness carried their baby to term knowing he'd not live, but yet
gave great joy to 3 families with organ donation and they got to set a great example as Christians.

So there you have it.
"In the midst of so much sadness there is always much joy." Feel free to "quote" me on that.

I just made myself weepy..