Monday, August 11, 2008


What an eventful month so far. Scott has been gone quite a bit. It seems as soon as he gets home he's gone again. Last week he was in Seattle for some training and ended up calling an ambulance to come get him from his hotel cause he was in great pain . They picked him up and hooked him to fluids and morphine. Ran blood teat and those came back normal. So they did a CT Scan and low and behold he had a kidney stone at 5mm. they kept him for a few more hours sent him back to the hotel with perkiest (not sure on that spelling) and Motrin. The next morning he got up to go to class and was late. came back for lunch and called me and not 5 minutes after we hung up he called back to say he had passed the stone.


He's also been placed back on his heart medication. he followed up with the doc here and she's confused. She doesn't understand why the cardiologist diagnosed him Asymptomatic. she says there has to be an underlying cause. Now I'm freaking out again that she's going to send him before a med board.

Hopefully I'm worrying for nothing. Ya'll now me I'm a real worry wart.

As for myself. I'm enjoying not working (kinda). I've been in PT now for a month for my back and I feel it is somewhat helping.

As soon as I'm able to be on my feet for longer periods of time I am going to find something part time to keep me a little busy.

We have pretty much settled in the house all except for a few things that need to be hung on the walls. Scott is the master of that. If I did it , it would never be level hahaha.

The fur babies are liking their new home. And I actually take them for evening walks when it's not raining. it does them good and me. Rowdy has a problem with his left back knee so we are keeping an eye out on that. I've ordered some glucosamine to try and see if it helps.

That's about it for now. Ya'll send us some sunshine!

Oh we went fishing for pinks Saturday before last. What a blast ! we brought 5 home and are going to smoke them. That's all they are good for anyway.

If anyone wants to toss a nice Red ,Silver or a Winter my way I'm willing to take them! we have no salmon for the winter.