Thursday, April 22, 2010


15 Days to Hawaii ! I can't believe it's so close ! I'll try to post pics on Face Book and here while we are there. I will be taking LOTS of pictures !
Lets see since I last posted Scott has scheduled knee surgery on his other knee. He had surgery in his left one about 3 years ago now it's time for the right. Just a manicus tear. I don;t even think I spelled that right. Anywho the doc wanted to do it the week before we left for Hawaii said he'd be fine on the trip. YEA UM NO are you smokin' weed ! ? He would be so limited on the trails and hikes we want to do. So we decided on the end of June.

I have nothing going on. hahah OH WAIT my BFF in GA is pregnant with her first baby! I'm so super excited for her and josh they are going to make the best parents ever! And I will be an honorary Auntie !!!! YEAH ! I love to SPOIL ! just ask Amelia lol
She will tell you her rich Aunt lives in Alaska lol. Oh my I alsmost typed Hawaii! Could that be a sign?

Oh and more good news. Thanks to a special angel (my Dad) we are out of debt ! well except for my car but YEAH HOO RA!

Mom and Mick are redoing their kitchen can't wait to see the pics. Glad she chose a shade of green to. I love greens. Well pray for safe travels to and from Hawaii and pray I don't get sick ! I'm notorious for that. A little bird told me they serve Matias (did I spell that right) on the way there ! woo hooo