Monday, July 7, 2008

We're Here !

OH how beautiful! Sitka is perfect ! We arrived on the 23 of June. Had our home on June 25th and had all of our stuff delivered on the 27th. We are still unpacking boxes and will be for awhile yet. Scott left today for a week.
I've been down for a week and I have about another week to go. I had to have an abscess lanced and I've been on pain killers and antibiotics and they make me sleepy and sick to my tummy.
So slowly but surly we are trying to get organized. Downstairs is pretty much complete. Upstairs is a whole story of it's own.
Rowdy and Emma seem to be happy. Rowdy turns 4 this months. I can't believe we have had him that long, almost seems like yesterday I picked him up from the airport.

Sitka weather is about the same as Peterburg so there isn't much to adjust to. I love hearing the planes coming in all day long. I forgot how much I liked living next to an airport.
I don;t have much of a yard. but I do have a small area around the front porch that I can plant flowers. Of course I won't be doing it this year since it's late in the season. Next year watch out!
I'll be in Pansie Heaven with a splash of Lebillia.

There is actually traffic here and a STOP LIGHT ! that works ! hahahahahaha I've almost driven through it a few times. Lots of nice shops.

Oh Hammer and Wikan peeps MY CLOCK WORKS BEAUTIFULLY and sounds great when it chimes I just love it. I think of my grandparents every time it plays.

Well that's about all for today I'm sleepy!

If you want our new address send me an email !