Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going Home!!!! Going Home !!!!!

YIPPY we are going home the end of December for 3 weeks! I can't wait. It will be much warmer there. It hasn't snowed ground level yet here and I'm going crazy. I'm ready for it. Scott's been doing some hunting. WOooooo Hoooo we now have enough red meat in the freezer for the winter ! To bad we have no Salmon but we have plenty of Halibut ! Not much has been going on. Oh Mr. Rowdy need knee surgery. I finally told the vet about it and what I thought and she confirmed it. He's at a stage 2 out of 4 so we have sometime to save up the cash for it.
It's much cheaper than I've been reading online in various forums.

Josh and Hollie are coming to Sitka from Petersburg to spend the week of Thanksgiving with us. They are so much like family to us and we are so excited they are coming. We are going to Stacy and Derricks house for dinner. There will be Lots of food and about 4 couples.

Have I posted that I have a job now ? Yep the Church we are attending ask if I'd like to be the Friday Secretary. So I'm working very part time on Friday's. I'm liking staying home.

Scott and I just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on Nov 14th (been together 19).We had a VERY romantic dinner out. Very comical of you want to hear about it let me know lol. He got me the Amazon Kindle as a gift WOO HOOOO. If you don't know what it is just go to Amazon.com and look for KINDLE. I got him a book and a new pair of waders.

Well that's about it for this update. Leave us a comment !