Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's that time of year !

Snowed most the way down the mountains last night ! Can't wait for it to snow ground level.
I so want a white Christmas this year since it could be our last in Alaska.
I'd also like to hear that Scott heard from the detailer and we have orders ! This waiting drives me batty. I hate the unknown.
We are having a big thanksgiving. 3 other couples coming to our place. 2 turkey's and a ham and all the fixins plus more ! lol After we have dinner here Scott and I have been invited to join another family later in the day. So excited ! Makes it easier being away from home with you have lots of friends to share the holiday's with. I've finished all the Christmas shopping except for stocking stuffers and 2 family members. I've even gotten all Scott's things that man is SPOILED ROTTEN I tell ya.
We just celebrated out 19 year wedding anniversary. And I can tell you I'd do it all over again.
We also celebrated his 21st year in the CG ! So we have been together 21 years but married 19. How awesome is that ! I sure hope our marriage is a testament to others.
Lots of divorces going on in the CG. It's like every time I turn around a couple is splitting up.
I have completed all of my 2010 resolutions ! That's the first time ever!
So glad to have Aunts and uncles from my dad's side in my life after so many missed years.
My Aunt Lori and Uncle Bobby are just the best. I missed a lot !
Well I'm rambling on ! I'll TRY to remember to take pics and post them of thanksgiving !