Sunday, September 27, 2009


BUURRRR Getting chilly outside and we have our first termination dust on some of the mountains. I miss seeing the changing of the trees in the Fall back home though.
Scott has been gone now for 3 weeks :( i'm missing him this trip. I guess cause i'm able to talk to him everyday and not actually see him . Just a few more weeks! I'm counting down the days. Haven't been up to much. Working on my sewing projects to sell at the Christmas Bazzars this year. I'm hoping to make some serious cash ! I need to earn money for all the things I want lol. So I'll be a busy bee until about December. Speaking of, I HAVE COMPLETED Christmas shopping except for Scott and a couple friends.

I've joined the local CG Spouses Association (again this yr) and my friend Jennifer put a book club together as one of the activities. This months reading is "Secret Life Of Bee's" I've read it but I am going to go for it again. If you haven't read the book DO SO ! It's 100 x's better than the movie.
We all had a progressive dinner last night (spouses association). In case your clueless on that one. It's where you have appitizers at one house main course at another house then dessert at another house. It was sooooooo much fun. I love all the new friends I've met. One good thing about moving all the time is you get to meet so many teriffic people from all walks of life and most remain life long friends.
One of my new friends has offered to help me with a scrap book of dad. I know we didn't really "KNOW" each other but things that have come up in conversation ....and he and I liked alot of the same things. So I think putting together this scrapbook will let me get to know the person he was outside of the person I pictured him to be. So on that note if any of you have pictures or stories you'd like to share please email them to me or send them snail mail so I can add them to my book.
I'm enjoying reconnecting with family members I have seen or spoken to in over 25 yrs.
Well that's enough rambling for one day lol. I'll be back next month !

PS. I'll share my craftyness right before the bazzar