Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yes I said winter there is no such thing as Fall in Alaska. Not much going on with the Mooneyham's. Scott FINALLY got us a deer so we have about 10 lbs. of red meat in the freezer.

He will go hunting again in 2 weeks while he's on leave. You just don't realize how much red meat and fish you eat until you don't have any. And I won't buy ground beef EWWWW.

I've gone and gotten myself a VERY part time job. I wasn't even looking for it, it came to me.

I'm working as the Friday Secretary at the Church we've been attending. I'll be crossed trained at some point to help the full time Secretary out when she needs time off.
It's kind of nice knowing I have to be someplace. It's been 7 months since I last worked and although I love being a housewife it does tend to get pretty boring.

2 of my friends here have had babies (well one any day now) and my bff here just found out she's pregnant. I'm excited for all of them and NOW my clock has kicked in and is ticking loudly!

I WANT A BABY .You'd be amazed at how many women 40+ are having babies these days.
The doggies are doing great. Emma was excited to see what little white stuff we had faling from the sky lol She's definately our snow baby. Rowdy would rather just look out the window at it.

Well if your wanting to get gifts for us this year we both have wish list set up. One for me on and Scott has one set up on I sure wish we had enough room here to have a big tree. We will survive though.

Josh and Holly (friends from Petersburg) will be coming to stay with us the week of Thanksgiving. I'm so excited ! I miss my coffee buddy. Well that's about it.

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We love and miss everyone of you !

Scott and Lisa