Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm a Slacker !

Yea yea yea I know it's been forever since I posted. Scott and I went home to SC the end of Dec till mid Jan. and had a good time. Doc hooked my up and i didn't once get sick or even have the thought of getting sick. We got to spend lots of time with both side of the family. Amelia (GRACIE) is getting so big. She sure loved her uncle Scott. As you can see he didn't mind one bit cattering to her.

It was quite cute watching the two of them. Scott also got to spend some time with Trey and teach him about his new Bow. Trey did very good remembering everything Scott was telling him.

We made a trip to Charleston to see our Very good friends Paula and Charlie. I wanted to get pictures of the new bridge but we decided to walk up the thing instead ! awesome walk. The winds were crazy at the top. We attended our old Church there too and it was great seeing everyone.

We always spend lots of money when we get off the islands lol but it's worth it in the end. Now we are home and settled again. We've gotten a pretty good amount of snow. But not enough to complain about. Winter here is mild compared to Kodiak and Petersburg, so far anyway.
We can't wait for SUMMER ! The room addition they were doing on the front of the house is complete except for the door know. It's a nice space to move some things out to and I"m going to make a little seating area since it gets lots of daylight.
Well that's about it nothing exciting. HUGZ TO ALL !