Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catching Up

HOWDY ! Been a few months. Scott had knee surgery on his Right knee back in June. Healing part of it didn't go as well as the last knee but they did do a little more to this one. He just went back to full sea duty last Tuesday! YIPPY!! I'm happy he's back at sea and he's happy he can finally do some work. We did enjoy our time together though. Took a short trip over to Juneau to stock up on bulk items I got to be the driver. FUN FUN going 55 MPH all the time. I'm so not used to that!
Still waiting to hear where we will be moving 2011. I have my heart set on Kodiak but I need to get over that. This could be the one time in his career where it doesn't work out for us. Sometimes advancing doesn't have it's advantages lol.

I have been busy doing a lot of knitting. SO MANY BABIES !
I'm going to study (self study) drawing what I see and taking my hand at painting. I have so much of my momma in me when it comes to art.
Have made lots of new friends with all the new families moving here this summer. I must say I'm truly blessed with a great bunch of friends.
Emma had some allergy testing done ($$) and she is allergic to
EVERYTHING! we started giving her allergy shots every 3 days for a month them every 4 days and now we are on every 7 until we get to once a month.It seems to be helping. She has a break out a few days after the shot then it clears up. Her eating has gotten better and she plays with Rowdy much more.
ROWDY oh BOY lol. He's the same ole spoiled rotten stinker.
FALL IS HERE and I think I'm ready for it. I have a feeling though we are going to have a crazy snowy winter. We will see.

OH before Scott went back to work Doc ORDERED him(she wanted to see how his knee would react) to get in a boat and go fishing! we are set for winter woo hoo here are a few pics.

For some reason I don't have the Halibut and Cod pics but he got some of that too !
TA TA I'll try to update more lol

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